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Finally, software QA automation you can trust!

Achieve timely and low-defect project turnover to 100% of your software specifications

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Outcomes are measurable, tangible, and replicable

✔️ Timely Project Delivery


✔️ Increased Time Spent on New Projects


✔️ Decreased Time Spent on Rework


✔️ Increased Number of Projects Per Year


✔️ Improved Team Satisfaction


✔️ Improved Customer Satisfaction Ratings


✔️ Increased Revenue

How a poor software development process almost ruined an organization

One of my previous employers was a manufacturing company in Wisconsin. Our development team built applications to support our transportation and distribution division. Our development processes were archaic: only manual testing was conducted and we had no procedure for code reviews, automated testing, or static code analysis. This resulted in the team releasing low-quality software. When the company faced poor financial performance they could no longer afford to make payroll and our development team had to be cut. Don't let this happen to your company!

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Delayed testing delays releases and revenue

Development teams often build computer software that is riddled with defects and does not meet customer requirements.


Defective releases are expensive

Issues discovered by the client need to be reported, detailed information must be gathered, management and development triage the issue, then the development and testing process can start. This makes it far more cost effective to test for defects before release.


Post-release issues cause distress

Fighting fires burns out developers and management. The customer is distressed they paid for defective software. This causes irreparable dissatisfaction across the organization.


Low-quality releases reduce revenue

Releasing defective software creates technical debt. The development team then spends time fixing defects rather than building new software. This slows down project turnover and inhibits revenue growth.


The unstoppable ripple effect

A major defect is discovered, the project is delayed, customers are disgruntled, the word is out, reputation takes a hit... You get the picture! 


Shift-left to get ahead of the problem

Improve the quality of your releases with test-driven development, automated testing, static code analysis and more!

How can integrated testing enable your development team?

Integrated testing leads to higher quality releases and less demoralizing rework, giving your developers back the time to engage with more exciting projects. It is more effective and efficient to have custom automated tests in place as part of the development process.

Test-Driven Development

The TDD approach ensures that your project is coded according to the requirements.

Timely and robust releases

Team productivity is robust, the project is delivered on time, customers are satisfied and revenue grows!

Employee and customer morale

Low-stress releases lift the morale of everyone in the organization and strengthens the relationship with your customers.

By working with me, your organization and team will...

Integrate testing seamlessly into your development process for low-defect software.

Build custom automation frameworks and models to detect bugs early on and report test results in real-time.

Gain timely support until testing becomes second nature to your organization.

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Meet Taras

I work with development teams to build robust software with negligible defects in a timely manner. By developing custom automation models and frameworks, I enable developers to run tests and report results on the fly without disrupting workflows. I'm also an effective communicator, especially across international divisions.

How a team saved over 40 hours of work per month

My development team needed a way to compile and deploy our latest code to the test systems consistently. The previously existing AMP scripts were unreliable. I solved this problem by developing ANA, a streamlined set of compile and deploy scripts. 

ANA enabled the team to automatically compile and deploy its code on a daily basis to achieve Continuous Integration (CI). This led to a drastic improvement in productivity saving the QA team up to two hours per day for each of its 3 product suites.

The team was now able to reallocate saved time to work on things that contribute directly to the organization’s bottom line.

"Taras has done a lot of hard work to get our team's deploy and automated testing framework from an initial prototype to a more fully functional successful deploy and automated testing tool. Ross has also been instrumental in helping our team get set up with Static Code Analysis (SCA) for our Research and Development release line. SCA has proven difficult for us initially to configure correctly. He took over this task and made significant progress in a short amount of time."

- Lee, DevOps Engineer

How I solve problems


Learn the unique needs of your organization, development and QA teams


Leverage automation to streamline business processes such as continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)


Develop and implement automated testing frameworks and reporting tools


Advise on DevSecOps objectives including security and static code analysis


Enhance communication among development and testing teams such as Scrum meetings

The right tools for the job

Wrench and Socket

Custom-built Tools

ANA, Tests4Jama, Rest Proxy Service

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Out-of-the-box Tech

JUnit, NUnit, Catch2, Boost, Windows, Linux, Pytest, Jama, Gradle, Splunk, Docker

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Coding Skills

C/C++, Batch and Bash, Perl, Python, Java, Groovy, C# and .NET, Web Development

Stop losing money from shitty testing and escape buggy software hell today!

P.S. Improving software development practices save developer time and improve customer satisfaction, boosting revenue. Are you content to let the competition pass you by, or are you ready to take action?